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If you would like to visit the new and official Branch Out Burlington Blog, please go here.

Here is another event that may be of interest to tree folks (all are invited):

THURSDAY FEB 19   6:00 P
Matt Leonard, District Forester
Please join us on a cold Feb night to hear our new District Forester, Matt Leonard. I am billing this talk as a get-to-know-you event. Matt has taken Bill Baron’s position and I want us to welcome Matt and hope that he becomes as near and dear as Bill Baron was in that position. Bill was promoted to supervisor (assuming there is anyone left to supervise after the budget cuts) and is still with us but he wants us to break in Matt, so I invited him to be our Feb speaker. His topic will have something to do with trees, I encouraged him to speak from the heart as I know he has a passion for the Vermont outdoors. Matt will be a friend and contact for many years to come, so come on out and lets show Matt some VT MG hospitality.
Jeff Young

Vermont Earth Institute posted announcement

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Sun. 1/18 – Winter Tree Identification – 3:30pm $5 suggested donation – Burlington City Hall Park

Learn how to identify trees and shrubs during the winter months by recognizing patterns and growth characteristics that include foliage, buds, twigs, leaf scars, bark, growth form and habitat. Meet at the fountain in Burlington’s City Hall Park at 3:30 – the walk will last approximately two hours, led by Mark Krawczyk.

A Treemendous Event!

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A Treemendous Event on December 11, 2008

How to Create a Natural Habitat in Your Own Backyard

Branch Out Burlington! a volunteer tree planting organization, features a public talk by Michael Snyder, Chittenden County Forester. Talk will be at 6:00 p.m., followed by Branch Out Burlington’s annual meeting. Event will be held in the conference room at the Burlington Parks and Rec office at 645 Pine Street. All are welcome!

Come hear Mike speak about how to restore the forest in your backyard and using native plants to attract a diverse variety of wildlife. He will also discuss caring for the trees in your home landscape and keeping your trees healthy.

There will also be a book sale, t-shirt sale, pizza, and homemade desserts. Come and enjoy the fun. RSVP to, or city arborist, Warren Spinner, Burlington Parks and Rec, 864-0123 if possible.

Thankyou Laura– nice photoshop help!

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Be sure to click on image for enlarged and more clear version. you can enlarge the enlargement too… nov08-009b

so I’m thinking this will look great on a light blue, light yellow, or white tee. We need to decide what, if anything, to put on the back. the web site,  and something identifying Vermont as location?

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Another image– 3 variations

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You must click on the Image to get a clear copy



Here’s a few experiments, not at all final result

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I’m leaning toward another drawing, but need to photograph it in the daylight. In the meantime, I’ve been goofing around with photoshop on this one

Tee Shirt Art

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Wow am I glad I stopped over to see the tee shirt people at Select Design. I learned quite a bit. Four color process printing, which would be the only way to capture the full and nuanced color in a painting to be used as a tee, is a bit pricey—in the $500 range for prep. And it’s not the same thing as doing the design as 4 “spot colors,”  which would be charged at their $47.50 rate per color per location (on the tee).

With the spot color method, there would still be some prep charges, but if I can get a design reduced to 2 color or even 3 colors, we’d save a considerable amount. Wish I was a photo shop whizzz; Jane, the sales person I met with at Select Design does not know photo shop, but the people in their art dept can do anything we want for $75 an hour. I’ve done a cursory search on the internet for instructions on best methods with photoshop to get my photo file to good state, from what I have. I want to learn this stuff myself, but hope to not keep holding us up.  I will keep plugging away at it…gotta fly now, more later!

O Mighty Elm!

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click on image for a more clear version.

Found out near North Hyde Park; it may have been Centerville. Just off the North Hyde Park Road, heading toward the Green River Reservoir. My travel companion didn’t want to take her new car onto the dirt roads, so we were turning around just there, and spotted the tree. I know I know, living in VT and afraid of dirt roads!

Hello world!

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Welcome to a blog about Branch Out Burlington, a volunteer tree planting organization in Burlington Vermont.

To start off with a bit of fun, since Halloween is just around the corner, here’s a tree I just found

by Brothergrimm if you’d like to see more creepy trees, check this out!

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